Bring Back the Fun

We want our team to be happy and feel fulfilled in their jobs. We also want to motivate our team to be as productive as possible, without pushing them too far and stressing them out. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Have a games area: Try to provide a fun and relaxing ‘breakout area’ where people can go for 10 minutes to clear their minds. At Contactzilla HQ, we have a pool table as well as a small area with a sofa, bean bags and a picnic bench. Take their laptop over, any time they need a break or change of scenery.
  2. Go out together: Going out together as a team is a great way to get everyone having fun and forming relationships outside of work that could inspire collaboration back in the office.
  3. Encourage friendships: Workplace friendships can also help you develop a culture of ‘compassionate love’ which research has found can lead to higher levels of satisfaction and teamwork, as well as a reduction in sick days.
  4. Decorate: You spend a huge proportion of your time at work so its important not to hate your office. Why not get everyone involved and decorate your office as a team? It’s fun and a great way to get everyone working together.
  5. Get a dog: Having a canine companion in the office can actually increase productivity, reduce stress and spark communication between employees.
  6. Get the beers in: So, every Friday afternoon, sitting down with a beer at the end of the week and sharing knowledge is a fun and productive way to wind down.
  7. Celebrate small wins: One of the biggest influences on workplace happiness and productivity is the “progress principle”. If you want your team to be happy, you need to make sure they feel they are making progress and understand the importance of their role to your company.
  8. Peer to Peer feedback:  Try peer to peer feedback, they appreciate feedback from their peers who understand their work in depth and it helps them develop closer relationships and collaborate better in the future.
  9. Share photos of your children or pets: Showing photos of their kid or pet to co-workers can help your team establish friendships, creating a happier and more loyal workforce.
  10. Encourage hobbies at work: Let you team take a half-hour out to work on their hobby. It’s a great way to relieve stress, recharge your batteries and offers your team the chance to bond over common interests.

How to Incorporate Fish! Philosophy

Fish! Philosophy describes four elements of extraordinary customer service and helps to implement them in a workplace. It also teaches us that we don’t have to be dead serious about our job and we should look for fun and amusement every time it doesn’t interfere with our work.

Fish! Philosophy was created in 1997 by John Christensen. He visited Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle and was amazed by the way fish sellers were having fun during their work. An interesting thing about the fish sellers job was that it was exhausting and repetitive, and yet sellers were able to find joy in their work and sell a lot of fish.

Four core practices everybody could implement in their work and life.

  1. Choose Your Attitude: A positive attitude is our choice. So, instead of working and not feeling happy about it, you can try to choose the positive attitude and find pleasure in your job.
  2. Be There: It’s about being focused on the present moment. Focus on the task you’re doing, focus on a person you’re trying to help, don’t fly away with your thoughts from where you are now.
  3. Make Their Day: Do something special for your customers or coworkers. It’s not only about making an exceptional customer experience, it’s also making your workplace a better place to be.
  4. Play: As long as you find the pleasure in coming to your work, you’ll have more enthusiasm, energy and you will be keener to do your best.

If someone has a really bad job and has an opportunity to change it, will any philosophy be able to keep them in their position? Applying Fish! to a work routine can be refreshing. It can help you to shift from the “I’m tired of this job” attitude to “I’m going to work with pleasure.”

The bottom line is to consciously choose the attitude that will make you happier. Try to find joy in your work, befriend your colleagues, laugh and try to have some fun – this is what Fish! is about.

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