2018 Recruiting & Retention Trends

From the Duffy Group & Josh Millet, Forbes

As we look forward to the new year, here are some of the most important trends to look for in 2018, according to the Duffy Group and Josh Millet from Forbes.

Talent Relationship Management: this tool combines potential workers with current employees to create a strategic approach to identify, engage, and build talent networks.

Social Recruitment: As technology rapidly evolves, so does its connection with the work place. In regard to recruiting: Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all expanding recruitment tools on their networks.

Mobile Candidate Experiences: Optimize towards mobile candidates to keep up with the increasing number of digital candidates who use their smartphone as their primary job application device.

Sourcing Passive Candidates: Even though the best talent is already employed and happy, it is still important to reach out and recruit these potential candidates. Take advantage of social media making it easier to reach candidates, you can even search hashtags, sub-forums, and other online communication methods.

Working virtually: In two decades the amount of people telecommuting has risen to 37%, making it possible to recruit from almost anywhere. Offering remote work capabilities is also a way to retain current employees and boost job satisfaction.

Bling hiring: Eliminate bias by hiring blindly. Simply strip any demographic data and have the first wave of screening done based purely on abilities and achievements.

Gamification: This can be used as a candidate’s screeners, turning test of critical skill sets and cognitive abilities into fun engagement.

Future Proofing employees: Optimize your team by looking at your human resources and determining the best way to pivot them into future positions.

Which recruiting and retention trend do you want to focus on in the new year?

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