Aim! Target Practice

Aim! For the Right Targets


  • Do you wake most mornings looking forward to the day ahead?
  • Are you able to appreciate the beauty and wonder in the world around you on a regular basis?
  • Do you have opportunities to enjoy the things you love most and be creative?
  • Do you think about/express your gratitude for the positives in your life each day?

Health & Fitness

  • Do you maintain healthy BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and other key measures?
  • Do you eat a balanced diet most days with 5+ fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, limited sweets and alcohol?
  • Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights?
  • Do you have a regular fitness routine that you maintain at least three times a week?
  • Do you have daily, weekly, monthly and annual sources of renewal – things you enjoy that refresh and renew your spirit?


  • Do you have a plan to increase earnings/net worth?
  • Are you satisfied with your investments and debt?
  • Do you have updated estate plans in place?
  • What are you short- and long-term financial aspirations?


  • Do you have loving, supportive relationships in your life (spouse, partner, family, friends)?
  • Are you able to spend time with these loved ones, and extended friends and family on a regular basis?
  • Do you have positive work friendships?
  • Do you belong to a community group (school, church, club, neighborhood, gym, fitness class, etc.)?


  • Do you have personal development plan to improve personally and professionally?
  • Are there awards or recognition you’d like to achieve?
  • Do you have short- and long-term goals – both personal and professional?
  • Are you giving back (contributions, mentoring, volunteering)?

Engagement & Energy

  • Are employees passionate and committed to achieving company goals?
  • Is there positive morale and energy between employees that extends to customers?
  • Are customers enthusiastic and vocal about your organization?
  • Is there an overall sense of purpose and progression?

 Corporate Health

  • Do you have a cohesive leadership team that effectively address issues and work as a team?
  • Are you and the team passionately committed to the company’s purpose and mission?
  • Is there a clearly defined culture and values consistent in behaviors at all levels of the company?

 Financial & Strategy

  • Is the market for your product or service growing?
  • Is your product/service offering in a position to gain market share?
  • Does your product/service offer a margin opportunity that generates profit and funds growth?
  • Does the company have manageable debt, and access to capital for growth?
  • Do you have new products or services in development for new or existing customers?
  • Is there a consistently effectively process for attracting and engaging new customers?

 Team & Customer Service

  • Do you have A players in key roles and effective recruiting and screening processes?
  • Is there effective training and development for the team and consistent communication throughout the organization about initiatives and performance?
  • Do you measure customer service and actively engage clients for feedback on your company?


  • Does the company consistently attain revenue and profit objectives?
  • Is revenue, profit and market share growing year-to-year?
  • Are customer service measurements improving?
  • Are employee and customer retention measures high?

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