Back to School…. I mean, Work!

By Susan Schilke; September 2, 2014

I love this time of year!  There is renewed energy and focus coming off the summer months that permeates the business world.  I was one of those kids who was secretly thrilled to go back to school, and even if you dreaded it, the years of early programming stick with us.  We know it’s time to refocus on learning and growth for ourselves and our organizations.

Summer is still prime vacation time for many of us, and our time away with family and friends leaves us renewed and refreshed.  Labor Day marks the end of summer, and sends us back to work with a sense of purpose and energy.

This month, we’re featuring insights about our approach to work – and renewal – across generations, and we invite you to read and share the material with your team.

Vacation season may be over, but in our series on Science-Backed Ways to be Happier, planning your next vacation shows up as Number 8.  And whether you are taking this trip soon (or at all) may not even matter.  Turns out we’re happiest when we have things to look forward to – so tap into this insight to propel you through challenging times.

At the TeamStrength Leadership Workshop 2014, we learned some things about the approach the newest generation of workers will bring to our companies.  We share more about ‘What Millennial’s Want’ with a new article that explains they’re not necessarily looking for work-life balance – to this generation, it’s about integration of their personal and professional selves.  They want meaningful work and a sense of purpose – where they don’t need to ‘turn it off’ when they leave the office.

We balance this article with a new blog from Michael Hyatt that mirrors many of my own beliefs about retirement and explains why, to him, it’s a dirty word.  If we find work that is meaningful and enjoyable, why do we need to retire?  He shares some new ways to think about our professional futures –maybe we should borrow from the Millennials’ approach.

Our final selections this month are targeted to CEOs and leaders whose fall focus may be on teeing up a key project, or maybe even retooling the culture of the company.
John Maxwell introduces the 10-80-10 approach to delegation with a focus on kicking off the project right with the first 10% of focus before handing it off to the team for the next 80%.  Next month, we’ll share his suggestions for the wrap-up 10%.  And a recommendation for a TeamStrength CEO member led me to Joel Manby’s book and website, Love Works.  This month, I share the seven principles he applies as Chairman of Herschend Family Entertainment to lead his organization with love.  I recommend the book for any business leader who is looking to move past talking about values to full incorporation of the principles throughout the organization.

Summer is wrapping up, and fall brings new opportunities for us all.  Now, back to work!