Critical Questions to Address


Is every team member clear on why we exist?  Do they have a sense of purpose?

How do we communicate our goals to team members at every level?

What are we doing to reinforce what we want to be known for as a company with our team?

Can leaders convey our strategy to achieve goals so that team members feel a part of it?

Does every team member understand their specific role in helping achieve our goals?


How does the organizational structure directly support executing the strategy?

Who is responsible for what? Who makes/contributes to key decisions?

Does our structure give us an advantage over our competition?

How do our communication processes and meetings support the execution of the strategy?

What is not effective in our current structure and how do we fix it?

Performance Management

How is the overall performance of the organization being tracked?

Is everyone clear about their role, responsibilities and behavioral expectations?

Have goal setting conversations been held with managers and their direct reports?

Do individual goals clearly align each team member to overall company goals and strategy?

How are poor performers managed?

Processes & Systems

What are the core business processes and how do they support the execution of the strategy?

Do people have access to the information needed to do their jobs?

What external requirements must be satisfied to thrive in business?

What technology would give us a competitive advantage?

What systems and processes are needed in order to support future growth?

Rewards & Recognition

Have goals and objectives been aligned to compensation, incentive, and recognition programs?

Do compensation, incentive, and recognition programs promote collaboration?

Are they aligned with our values?

Do team members view new projects and roles positively?

Leadership & Talent

What culture and set of collective behaviors are required to execute the strategy?

Do we know who our top talent is, their career aspirations, and how we will retain them?

Do our leaders demonstrate alignment to the values and behaviors we desire in all team members?

How do we develop team members to effectively execute the strategy?  Where are the skill gaps?

What plans exist to fill skill gaps via recruiting, training, rotations, knowledge sharing?

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