Don’t Forget to Take Aim!

By Susan Schilke; August 1, 2016

The Summer Olympics are here, and I am looking forward to watching the Olympics. I am always inspired by the athletes and champions like Rowdy Gaines, our keynote speaker at the TeamStrength Leadership Workshop 2016.  (See Rowdy’s Five Traits for more)

I believe successful leaders are similar to these champions demonstrating focus, dedication, commitment to hard work, and a desire to win.  I’ve decided one Olympic event mimics the demands of leadership but you won’t see it at the Summer Games in Rio – we’ll see it next in PyeoungChang, South Korea in 2018 at the Winter Olympics.  It’s the Biathlon.

In this event, competitors race on skis for miles, with stops along the way focused on marksmanship. Here’s a quick video with some highlights.

The biathlon evolved as a combination of two important survival skills needed for Scandinavian winters – the ability to ski for long distances to find game, and the ability shift gears to calmly and carefully aim at the target.  The hard work gets you to the right place, but taking aim ultimately puts dinner on the table.

This challenging event demands mastery of two contrasting disciplines – the all-out physical exertion required for cross country skiing and the fine control and stability needed for accurately shooting, and taking aim.

Your role as leader is similar.  Day-to-day demands that require your hard work and fast action, balanced with a need to step out of the day-to-day, look long-term, focus and Take Aim! for your business.

At TeamStrength, we are all about helping leaders Take Aim! for their business.  This month, we are sharing resources from the TeamStrength Leadership Workshop 2016.  Take time to look through the ‘Best Practices’ presented by our attendees in our Leadership Roundtables, and mine these for ideas to improve your company or department.  Review our Leaders’ Top Recommendations for Productivity and Balance to continue to find ways to accomplish more while managing stress.  Select one of our titles from our Recommended Reading list containing some of the top leadership classics, along with newer releases to add to your library.  And check out websites and apps recommended by our leaders.

Finally, tune into the Olympics in August for a healthy dose of inspiration!