Even Superheroes Need a Vacation

By Susan Schilke; July 3, 2015

We’re in the midst of summer and vacation season, and I hope you are taking time to renew and recharge with your family.  You deserve it, and taking a break can offer new energy and new perspectives making you more effective and ready for the next challenge.

At TeamStrength, we’ve dedicated the summer to Superheroes of Leadership – all of you who bring your best to your organizations. Take a few minutes and reflect on a special talent of yours that has positive impact. Mine is found in my top 5 on the StrengthsFinder – Maximizer.  I love to take great business leaders and organizations, and look for ways to make them even better.  What’s your superpower?

This month we’re also celebrating the one-year anniversary of TeamStrength.com, and the site this month features our registered users most popular posts of 2015. Our features this month are the ones you and others visited most often.

Four of the most popular are all about more effective management of your team.  The Secret to Effective One-on-One Meetings with Direct Reports and Leadership Solutions – 5-15s offer advice on a framework for ongoing feedback with the members of your team.  And Google’s Rules and How to Make Your Employees Feel Like Superheroes are both concise summaries of the most important elements of management.

Your other top choices include Leadership Lessons from Special Operations – great list for leaders at every level to keep in mind – and 30-Day Challenges – a simple strategy for personal improvement that can also be used as a team-building program.

Revisit these favorites and put them to use – map out a new format for your 1-1 meetings with direct reports; have conversations with fellow managers about these articles; develop a 30-day Challenge for you and/or your team; share the Leadership Lessons with everyone.

And we’ll keep looking for great resources for you!  As always – your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged!