Healthy & Fit in 2014!

By Susan Schilke

Okay – busy, successful people struggle with fitness and weight management.  Even the exceptional leaders found in TeamStrength CEO and Key Executive groups.  In all three January Forum meetings, one member posed a question to their colleagues – What works for you in establishing and maintaining a fitness regime and a healthy weight?  Here are the answers.

Eat Better

Workout alone won’t keep your weight where you want it – have to eat less. Eat less.  Leave food on the table.  Every meal, leave some food on your plate.  Cut back on portions.

I am doing a 21-day modified fast – a couple eggs in the morning – portion of protein around dinner – no processed foods. Nuts, greens and fruits.  No carbs specifically – bread, potatoes, French fries.  Weigh less than I have in 7 years.  I am surprised by how much better I feel.

Portion control – restaurants pile a bunch of food on your plate.  Cut it in half when it arrives – establish your portion at the beginning of the mean and stick with it.

Food logs help a lot.  140 pounds less than when I started. – log everything you eat.

I gained weight over time. At some point of time in my life, I made changes in lifestyle, gave up bread, stopped putting sugar in iced tea and coffee.

Started eating a very high fiber breakfast every morning.  It works.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day.water

Can’t die – need to cut out carbs and sugars.  If you do that – don’t make it 7-days a week – Mon-Thurs – try to eat right.  Do what you want the other days.  Don’t diet; eat healthier – cook your own food.

Eat a lot of protein and vegetables… Bigger lunches and very conscious at dinner… Read Eat This, Not That – some healthy changes are easy to make… At night – reduce portions.  Water after 9 p.m… Watch white bread, deserts, bleached flour… eat as soon as you wake up! … Eat more of what’s good for you – 7-9 fruggies, lean protein, whole grains – every day… 5/2 eating – modified fast two days a week.

Measure It

Weigh yourself every day.

Went to Celebration Health – and didn’t like my body fat measurement.  Eating much more healthy – nutrition side so much more than the fitness side.  25% is workout, 75% is what you eat.  My body fat measurement at the assessment is getting better and better.

Using myfitnesspal and having some success with it.

FitBit – or some technology – put it into your phone – log everything you eat, and it will tell you whether you can eat or not.  Plug in what you want to weigh and it will tell you if you can have that glass of wine.  If it’s read (a no), walk around until it turns green.

Monitoring all of your activity – I am getting a standing desk so I don’t sit all day.


When I drive home, I call it transition time.  I am tired and there are always reasons to not stop, but I make myself go (to the gym) because I know I will feel better coming out.

When I am in waffling on my workout, my trick is – tell myself to just go do 10 minutes; to ust do it.  99% of the time, I end up doing the full workout and feeling great about it.  Gets me out of my mind trap.

Times I have success is when it’s not about fitness – fun or challenge.  Stretch now – is tied it to the most important thing in my life.  Fitness is secondary, it’s about time with my daughter. Exercising together.

Use a personal trainer – someone to yell at you… I use a personal trainer 1-2 times a week – get something in in-between.  Insanity, P90X… Regularly scheduled times to exercise… have a trainer.  Not valuable because they made me do things, but because it creates a social obligation of needing to be there.  Appointment and obligation – rude if I don’t show.

Go in the mornings early or you won’t go.  It’s therapy for me.  Alone time – before anyone’s awake.

A year ago I started exercising through LA Fitness.  Joined the gym.  My wife agreed to do this too and we support each other.  Hired a personal trainer to help us one day a week for this.  But the most important part – having my wife involved.  Encourage each other to do it. 7minworkout

Like the 7-minute workout; I workout at home as well.

First month is tough – sore, hurts, then you crave the hurt – feels good.

10-minute trainer is an awesome video.

I like to be outside.  But it can be an excuse sometimes to get out of exercise – dark, raining, etc.

Exercise has to be a routine – trainer a good idea on that, helps you track progress.

My preference is group exercise.  Crossfit – but careful, push too hard.

Orange Theory Fitness – small group setting.  Don’t want one-on-one attention – work with the team.  Social aspect.  Motivate each other – 5-10 people.

Specific time – morning for me.  If you skip it and say you’ll do it later, never happens.  Find the time that sets you up for the most success.  If you do three sessions religiously a week for 3-4 weeks, it will trouble you to miss one.

It has to be convenient.  Mornings work better for me.

Morning exercise has worked for me in the past. At 6 p.m. I want a beer and a couch.  Do best at 5 a.m.

Trying to be a healthier more productive member of society.  We eat good at home.  Personal trainer one day a week has been very effective for me.

Wake up at 5; first thing – 30 minutes bike ride, half-mile to mile run. Sets the tone for the whole day – energy through the roof, on point and in the zone.  Switch it up – biking, jogging, weights, yoga.

I am training for the Tough Mudder – in November.  Discipline.


Education – importance of this to live a full, long life.

Every single critical health measure is tied to exercise and weight management.

One thing that helped me – lab work was my motivation.

Start small – aim for targets you can hit with starting workouts and weight loss goals.

Don’t focus on weight, focus on percent body fat.  Strength program will do wonders for you.  Metabolic rate at resting goes up.

Tell others close to you that you’re going to do it. Engage the support of those around you.  Send out an email to everyone in the office – going to lose 10 pounds, get fit.  Tell people you’re going to do it and do it.

Say it, write it and do it.  Schedule it.

Bright lights and mirrors by your shower is another strategy!

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