Happy Focus in 2018!

January 2, 2018

At TeamStrength, we look forward to contributing to your year through ongoing resources and advice on how to best Take Aim!  Many of you are crafting and finalizing your vision for the year this month and members are presenting their Snapshot Letters for feedback in the groups.  Here are some questions I am using to help create the focus to be most effective this year.

  1. What is the number one thing you can do consistently to improve your physical health and fitness this year?  How will you make that happen in 2018?

We may have several ways we can do better in this arena – addressing our diet, exercise and sleep.  But select the most important for you to master as a habit this year.  Then focus on the best strategies to address the obstacles and really make this a reality.

  1. What is the number one goal for your organization (or department) this year?  What’s the biggest change you could make in your company to take it to the next level?  What are the obstacles?  How do you focus on achieving this in 2018?

I know, there are many goals in your sight.  But take the time to select the most critical, then focus your planning and resources on keeping the main thing the main thing all year long.

  1. What is the number one change you could make to elevate your leadership team this year?

If you’re a manager, how do you make your team better this year?  If you’re an individual contributor, how do you develop your own abilities?  Select one specific thing to focus on this year for continued improvement.  For your team, it may be adding (or subtracting) a player for best dynamics or redesigning meetings (as a group or 1-1).

  1. What’s the number one personal relationship you’d like to prioritize in 2018? Why? What could you do to invest in this relationship this year?

We all have many important relationships, and of course you will invest in them all.  But there is likely one that would really benefit from additional focus this year.  Develop a plan to make sure you give that person and that relationship the right amount of time and energy – for both of you!

  1. What is the number one accomplishment you’d like to celebrate at the end of 2018?  How do you make that a reality?

This one is designed to be something you achieve through your actions in 2018.  It could be training for an event or competition, completing a class or training program, improving in some key area you really want to work on, or mastering a new skill.  It should be within your control (behavior-based not outcome-based), and making it a focus for 2018 should be something you celebrate at the end of the year!

As a final reminder – have a HAPPY new year to be most successful.  Remember what we’ve shared in the past – happy people are more productive and effective, so take time to invest in the things that make you happy – it will make you better in every way!

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