Resources for 5-15

As the year gallops along, TeamStrength members are focused on continued growth and improvement.  We offer some resources this month to help with your efforts on:

Management – in honor of May 2015 (5-15), we revisit the powerful 5-15 report.  Read about this fast and easy way to stay connected with your direct reports and explore ongoing performance and company growth.  And to boost employee happiness and overall morale, discover the ‘5 Ways to Get Employees Outside.’

Personal Development – Learn the ‘7 Things You Should Say Every Day‘ and add these phrases to your daily repertoire.

Culture – Read RoundPegg’s fascinating report on why ‘Culture is Bottom Up and Top Down,’ and find out why your culture is developed on all fronts.

Recruiting – Check out the summary for Work Rules (Part 1), the great new book about Google.  This segment focuses on Google’s well developed strategies for hiring the best people, and steal some of their ideas.

Process & Strategy – Watch the latest featured TEDx talk on ‘How to Make Toast,’ and learn the power of process mapping to become more effective, and explore and refine strategic initiatives on growth and profitability.

We encourage you to use and share this month’s resources, and welcome your comments.