TeamStrength Members Define Their Ideal Work Day

By Susan Schilke; October 4, 2015

Last month, I asked TeamStrength CEO & Key Executive members to describe an Ideal Work Day – start to finish.  Their answers provide some insights into the habits of effective leaders.

A few notables:

  • Many members had a plan for starting the day with a workout, reading and research, or responding to emails and planning the day before even heading to the office.
  • Start times and end times ranged from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., averaging an 8:15 start and 5:30 wrap up. (And averaging about 9.5 hour work days – ideally.)
  • About 2/3 of members included a workout in their Ideal Work Day – with about half choosing an a.m. session; and half opting for an afternoon workout.
  • Most members said they’d spend time focusing on the future and developing strategy in an Ideal Work Day.
  • The number one activity TeamStrength members would include in an Ideal Work Day is one-on-one time with key team members.

Given that last point, it wasn’t surprising that members felt their biggest impact in an Ideal Work Day would be in those sessions – mentoring, solving problems, removing roadblocks and setting the tone.  When I asked members to visualize the best thing that would happen on an ideal day, some talked about accomplishing goals and generating good energy with the team.  But the most common response was about sales and growth – landing a big account, developing a new relationship, opening a new location, and winning jobs!

And because, as you all know, TeamStrength members are ever-focused on improvement, members were ready with answers to the reflection questions. Many said their typical day gets close to an Ideal Work Day, though some wished it was more aligned.  And when asked about the most important change to get closer to the Ideal Work Day? This was the widest range of responses – and included scheduling time with customers or in branches/stores; managing interruptions, more delegation and more sleep, and fewer scheduled meetings.  And again – the number one response here was to schedule more time for one-on-ones with key team members.

To improve your ideal work day:

  1. Get enough rest the night before, and workout before or after your work day.
  2. Schedule your priorities, don’t prioritize your schedule – make sure to reserve time for the highest payoff activities like customer interface, learning & research, planning for the future, and strategizing on current challenges.
  3. Make time for one-on-one meetings with your boss, direct reports and peers.
  4. Keep the focus on performance and growth!

This month’s website is all about improving your personal performance, and completing the Ideal Work Day Worksheet is a good start.  It could also be a great tool to use with your boss or direct reports to clarify expectations and share ideas.

Check out our other great resources for ways to be sensationally successful, get things done faster, build social cohesion and Take Aim!  Comments and ideas are always welcome.  Thanks!