The Cornerstone of Your Company

By Susan Schilke; October 2, 2016

“Exceptional leadership teams drive results in a way that produces a multiplier effect more impactful than the sum of their parts across new business, creativity, client satisfaction, and culture.”

Andrew Bailey, BBDO & Proximity North America

A strong, high-performing, unified leadership team is vital to the success of any organization.  This month, we’re talking about leadership teams in our TeamStrength CEO and Key Executive meetings.  Earlier this year I introduced TeamStrength members to ‘Take Aim! for Business’ and the Aim Target Selection model.  The model creates a hierarchical framework for success.  The platform is people, and the cornerstone of every company is the leadership

Here’s what I know from 24 years of working with great CEOs and executives:  Companies with strong leadership teams who actively engage in a structured approach to decision-making and planning dramatically increase their company’s performance.  Collaboration leads to better decisions.  And collaboration between cohesive, knowledgeable leaders most effectively steers a company to growth and profitability.

The best leadership teams are honest and challenging with one another and their CEO and contribute their expertise and creativity on key decisions.  Leadership team members have different roles in the day-to-day, but when working as a leadership team, each member has the same goal – the overall growth and success of the company.

Pat Lencioni, in The Advantage, tells us the number one step to organizational health – and the most critical – is to build a cohesive leadership team.  He goes on to say that while most executives agree with how critical a unified leadership team is, “Few organizations invest nearly enough time and energy in making their leadership teams cohesive, and certainly not with the level of rigor that it requires and deserves.”

CEOs – this is your reminder to find and develop the best leaders for your leadership team, invest in making the team cohesive, and tap into this group to make the best decisions and most effectively implement.

Members of the leadership team – remember your commitment to the overall success of the company. Work to build your relationships with your fellow leaders, and bring your best every time the leadership team meets.  Share your ideas, get creative, take risks and work with the team.

For the rest of you – continue to build your leadership through tapping into the resources on  This month we help with better conversations (TED talk); strategies to turn employees into leaders; and the five qualities of a good leader.  Every month we bring ideas on improving your leadership at any level!

“Leadership teams should be comprised of the most talented people you can attract; they are not merely there to row, but also to help you steer.  A team comprised of people with distinct talents and perspectives is less likely to succumb to ‘group think’ and will engage in honest and open dialogue with the team leaders.  Members of an effective leadership team act as both ambassadors and stewards for the leader’s vision.”

Kerry Healey, Fortune