The Shine Factor

“Our greatest fear in life should not be of failing but of succeeding in things that don’t really matter.”  Francis Chan, author

Kris DenBesten uses this quote in his book, The Shine Factor, and in the introduction relates to it personally. A self-described SOB (son of boss), his early focus was on proving himself and outdoing his father’s success. When he closed the biggest deal in the company’s history, he presented it to his dad, and asked him what his biggest sale was to gloat. His father’s response stuck with him. He couldn’t recall one big deal, he said, he was just glad the company had been able to provide for so many families for so many years.

The book tells a parable of a businessman focused on the wrong scorecard, and Kris clearly uses his personal history of his leadership growth, combined with his daughter’s journey and recovery through a life-threatening viral attack on her heart at age 9. The Shine Factor has been described as a blueprint for living Christian values at work, and reminds anyone that a purpose-based, servant approach to business and life is more rewarding in all the important ways. Some key concepts:

Many businesses serve only for what it will get them in return. This leads owners and managers to serve strictly for selfish motives. When this happens, a company serves for profit instead of profiting from serving. This can cause employees to view service as just another obligation. When we serve only because we get paid to serve, it takes the joy and meaning out of serving others.

A character in the book speaks of his CEO Forum group and how they were committed to help each other grow personally, professionally and spiritually. We see that every month in TeamStrength. As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

An organization should seek to serve from the heart, committed to making someone else’s situation better.  Consider the business a ministry and strive to do everything with excellence.  To grow and improve continually. To use our gifts and talents to our maximum potential. The spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. The more transparent we become, the clearer His values are seen in us.

Values must be backed by clarity, confidence and conviction to living the values day by day no matter what happens. People believe what they see so much more than what they hear.

As leaders, develop relational building blocks based on Credibility, Perseverance and Love. People need answers to three questions – Can I trust you? Can I count on you? Do you care about me?

Priorities are what we do. Everything else is just talk. Schedule your time with that in mind.

Serve others – with Humility, Compassion and Generosity

Honor God – with Stewardship, Trust and Gratitude

Improve continually – with Competence, Courage and Passion

Navigate by His values – with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction.

Excel in relationships – with Credibility, Perseverance and Love

The book is a quick read, has a strong Christian foundation, and is a great opportunity to evaluate your leadership and priorities.

What does your life scorecard look like? Are you winning at the things that matter most?