Top 10 Resources from the TeamStrength Website

  1. The Cardinal Way
    Best principle 1.
    Invite your management team to compile a list of leadership basics, like decision-making, problem solving, idea generation, running meetings, or on-the-job training. It will be easier to spot a task being performed in a doing-what’s-comfortable style, and then define a step-by step sanctioned approach for all managers to follow.
  2. Out of the Box Recruiting Ideas
    3. Attend events that are NOT job fairs:
    For example, if you needed a graphic designer in New York City, you could attend a graphic design-focused meetup in the area and look for potential candidates. You’ll already know they’re passionate about what they do, and you’ll be able to get a feel for what they’re like in person.
  3. Successful Executives’ Interview Questions
    “What is your favorite quote?”
    While there’s no “right answer,” Davis said she wants candidates who have an answer. “I want to see that somebody has been looking for sources of inspiration.”
  4. The Secret to Effective One-on-One Meetings with Direct Reports
    2. Share the air.
    Structure your meetings so it’s partly about what you need to discuss, and also about what your direct report needs to raise. It shouldn’t be just a one-way delegation of tasks.
  5. Awesome Minigame Ideas Generated by Practitioners
    Recently, we compiled MiniGame ideas from the March, 2014 SRC Experience seminar. Though these MiniGames are specific to the business challenges and personality of each company who created them; the prizes, themes and goals can adapted and applied to any industry or business challenge.
  6. How to Run a Meeting That’s Not Terrible
    1. Avoid “meeting stew.”
    A bad meeting is like a bad breakup: You end it feeling unclear why it happened, unsure of what to do next and with no closure. And, upon reflecting, you may feel it’s all been a waste of time.
  7. 8 Things Your Employees Want From You
    3. Get me excited.
    About the company, about the product, about the job, about a project. Just get them excited.
  8. 10 Ways to be Sensationally Successful Infographic
    1. Behave as if you’re still being interviewed.
  9. TeamStrength Members Define Their Ideal Work Day + Ideal Work Day WS
    The number one activity TeamStrength members would include in an Ideal Work Day is one-on-one time with key team members.  Given that last point, it wasn’t surprising that members felt their biggest impact in an Ideal Work Day would be in those sessions – mentoring, solving problems, removing roadblocks and setting the tone.
  10. Six 30 Day Challenges to Help You Learn More and Form Lasting Habits
    The idea of a 30 day challenge sounds a bit like a get rich scheme. They’re often billed as a magic bullet way to get fit, improve your life, or learn a complicated skill. That’s overselling the idea. A 30 day challenge is just that: a challenge to yourself to do something new.

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