A Strategic New Year

Happy 2019!  As we start a new year at TeamStrength, our focus shifts to strategy.

Last year was all about communication.  Our members and their leaders enter the new year with a focus on making sure the entire organization understands the key goals, plans, and performance metrics as well as the why behind it all.  And while some are working on a full-scale communication plan, consider boiling it down to these two elements to start – Meetings & Metrics. 

Clearly outline the meeting structure at all levels – leadership, operational, tactical, strategic, teams, 1-1s, etc.  How often will what combinations meet for what purpose?  Get that on paper – and on the calendar.  A commitment to an effective meeting cadence (especially from the top!) is the most critical start.  Use our insights this month (see Terrible, Horrible Informational Meetings and Why You Should Stop Them & Keep Your Meetings Focused on Strategy in 2019) to make some of these meetings more strategic.

Second, make sure you have a regular method for communicating the company goals and performance metrics consistently.  We recommend weekly, but monthly at a minimum.  And communicate through various methods (meetings, email, posting, your internal communication platform like Asana or Teams).  Remember, the most important thing your employees want to know are the company’s goals!

In our strategic approach this year, we start with a focus on personal effectiveness and time management.  We share some tips (see our new Time Management Tips), but I am not sure any are revolutionary new ideas.  They are tried and true practices of the best performers.  Review them and adopt or reinstate a few that will make you more effective and keep a focus on the most important things.

Moving to your organization’s strategy, take the time to continue to develop your Take Aim Company Scope.  Many of you have crafted or fine-tuned your mission, vision and values.  Next is Strategy – how you compete and win.  Clearly articulating your specific advantages when compared to your competitors is crucial, and an ongoing part of your strategy.  Throughout the year, we will provide resources on identifying your ideal customer, crafting your brand, articulating strategic anchors, and using this to create loyalty and growth.

At TeamStrength, we have doubled the size of our employee base with the addition of Samantha as Business Development Manager.  This strategic move allows us to bring more value to our members, their leadership teams, and their companies – and continue to expand our exclusive client base and offering.

My One Word for the year is, not surprisingly, Strategic.  The definition:  relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.  So as I’ve encouraged you all to do, I am refining my time management strategies and crafting the TeamStrength Company Scope as we finalize our goals for the year.  And I look forward to helping you do the same!