Goal Designing for 2021

Leadership Team

Who impressed you the most with the challenges of 2020?  Who disappointed you?

How many are faltering in one of the key areas – hungry, humble, smart?

How many ‘A’ Players/Stars are on your leadership team?

Hungry: Performing, committed to growth & development, willing to do what it takes

Humble:  Able to collaborate with other leaders, give credit to their team

Smart:  Empathetic, good relationships with team and peers, embody culture, positive

How often do you meet as a leadership team? How effective are these meetings?

What is your most critical goal to maximize and leverage your leadership team in 2021?


How did the economic shut-down effect your culture?

What changes from 2020 may be long-term (ex. work-from-home flexibility and hybrid offices)?

How visible is the company’s Mission & Vision to the team day in/day out?

Which of your core values is most visible in the team? Which is least visible in the team?

How is employee retention?  How effective is your hiring process at finding right-fit players?

What are your communication strategies for the team company-wide?

What is your most critical goal to positively impact culture and your team in 2021?

Strategy – Compete & Win

How was your market disrupted by the pandemic? How did you improve/increase your market share?

What new creative approaches did you introduce for the unique circumstances?

What brutal facts do you need to face in 2021, with faith that you will prevail?

How are you improving your product and/or service delivery in 2021?

What are the biggest ways to improve sales/new customer acquisition?

How do you retain customers and/or leverage customer referrals?

What is your process for testing and tweaking new ideas in product, sales, service & retention?

What is your biggest strategic opportunity for 2021?

Structure & Productivity

How did capacity shift during the pandemic due to slow-down/layoffs/closures?

How will your org chart change in 2021?  Do you have an org chart of the future?

What is the biggest thing you need to do to adjust 2021 capacity?

What is your process for adding stores, locations, branches, products and how effective is it?

What opportunities do you have to improve productivity of your team?

Where does your company demonstrate discipline?  Where is it missing?

What is the most important change in structure or productivity for 2021?

Leveraging Technology

How effective was your technology during the challenges the pandemic?

What immediate technology changes did you make?

Relative to your competitors, how effectively do you use technology?

Where is your biggest need for improved technology?

What technology accelerator could give you a better competitive leverage?

Where are you in technology debt and what’s your plan for getting out?

What is the biggest goal for technology improvements in 2021?

For 2021:  Select 2-3 key initiatives to improve your company (Infinite Game); Plan quarterly reset on sales targets; Track & measure growth/improvement often – find/celebrate wins.  Blackjack theme.