Recruiting for 2021

January is here, and it is a great time to recruit great team members. In addition to higher unemployment, January tends to be the time, post-holidays, when talented people consider making a change to new opportunities. Here are some ideas:

– The best recruiting & marketing strategies start with Google and social media. With 83% of Millennials starting their job search on Google, SEO and PPC is a good place to start. And use social media to get your brand out there and increase awareness. Social media is where you can share messages about who you are and what your values are – creating a way to connect with candidates who align.  “Candidates are doing more research on your organization than you think.  Make sure you’re sharing information that reflects the type of company and organization you are.” – Recruitment Marketing Expert Justin Libak. And make sure your website clearly represents your values and culture.

– Make sure your recruiting process works. Candidates start forming opinions about your organization and the opportunity from the first contact with your company. Make sure everything and everyone represents your company well, from the ad to the recruiters and interviewers. And balance the need to carefully screen candidates with the need to move fast and clearly communicate interest in the best candidates. Great candidates will have other options, so stay in touch along the way and move to make offers quickly.

– Embrace talent-based hiring with assessments like StrengthsFinder & DISC. Using traits and skills to describe the job requirements for a position can help attract candidates who may be put off by educational requirements they don’t meet even though they have the skill set to do the job well.  Soft skills like communication, problem-solving and critical thinking are crucially important to many roles and not easily demonstrated through earning a degree. You can also get a better feel for how a potential new team member would fit your culture through assessments.  TeamStrength offers both StrengthsFinder & DISC assessments and can assist with interpretation, especially for leadership-level positions.

– Accelerate recruiting with artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML can be applied to improve and automate a variety of recruiting processes from screening and sorting large volumes of candidates to scanning resumes and tracking analytics, metrics & trends.  Shifting these time-consuming and cumbersome tasks to AI and ML can increase the efficiency of the recruiting process and drastically reduce turnaround time.

– Keep remote work options top of mind. Not only do they expand your talent search to a national and global level, virtual options keep your company competitive.  With these choices expanding across the country, employees will have more opportunities to investigate. Consider developing a structure to expand recruiting nationwide – or even globally.

– Put your arms around your keepers. January is a month when talented people consider whether there are better opportunities elsewhere. Make sure your start team members are clear on their value to your company, compensated at market or above, and have clear paths for advancement. January is a great time for skip-step meetings for this specific purpose.